Complete your meal with our selection of delectable side dishes! From crispy fries to refreshing salads, our sides are the perfect complement to your main course. Whether you're looking for something savory, like our garlic parmesan fries, or something lighter, like our fresh garden salad, we have a variety of options to suit every palate. Don't forget to add a side dish to your order for a satisfying and well-rounded dining experience!


French Fries

Available Flavor: Salt & Pepper, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion, Garlic Parmesan 

Indulge in our crispy French Fries, perfectly seasoned to your liking. Choose from our delightful array of flavors: classic Salt & Pepper for a simple yet satisfying taste, tangy Salt & Vinegar for a zesty kick, savory Sour Cream & Onion for a creamy and aromatic experience, or rich Garlic Parmesan for a burst of flavor that will leave you craving more.


Steamed Egg

Korean Style

Treat yourself to our Korean-style Steamed Egg, a traditional delicacy bursting with creamy texture and savory flavor. Served with the perfect balance of seasonings, it's a comforting dish that will transport your taste buds to the streets of Seoul.


Supslaw [LV1]

Sup's Style Coleslaw (Spicy Level 1)

Experience our signature Sup's Style Coleslaw, a tantalizing blend of crunchy cabbage, onion and carrots, perfectly dressed with our special spicy Level 1 sauce. It's the ideal side dish to add a kick of flavor to any meal.



MooKimchi [Dongchimi]

Korean White Radish Kimchi

Delight in the crisp and refreshing flavors of our MooKimchi (Dongchimi), a classic Korean White Radish Kimchi. Prepared with meticulous care, this traditional dish offers a harmonious balance of tangy and savory flavors, making it a perfect accompaniment to any meal.


**Steamed White Rice also available

 Enhance your meal with the comforting addition of Korean-style Steamed White Rice, meticulously prepared to perfection. Delight in its fluffy texture and subtle aroma, perfectly complementing any dish on our menu.