Spicy Level

Got it! Here's the breakdown of our spice levels:

  • MILD = NON SPICY: This is for those who prefer their food without any heat. You'll find this option in our Signature Sandwich Mild' Grilled Sandwich Mild, Garlic Chibap, Salad, French Fries and Chicken Original flavors

  • LEVEL 1 = LV1: Offering just a hint of spice, Level 1 is perfect for those looking for a mild kick. You'll find this level in items like the Morning Toast, Sup's Mayo, Kimchi Chibap, and Sup'slaw.

  • LEVEL 2 = LV2: For a bit more heat, Level 2 is where it's at. This is ideal for those who enjoy a moderate spice level. Look for this in our Signature Sandwich HOT and Grilled Sandwich HOT.

  • LEVEL 3 = LV3: Sweet & Spicy falls under Level 3, offering a balanced blend of sweetness and heat.

  • LEVEL 4 = LV4: Level 4 is where things start to get fiery with items like our Signature HOT Sauce and Sup's Burger(Coming Soon).

  • LEVEL 5 = LV5: For the bravest spice enthusiasts, Level 5 brings the heat with options like our Signature X-HOT Sauce and Thai Chilli Chibap.